Holy Land Adventure

Awesome Adventure

Bill and Karen Rudge are currently making plans for an 11th trip to the Holy Land. Their 10th Holy Land Adventure was an inspiring pilgrimage, exciting adventure and fruit bearing mission for a team from Pennsylvania, Ohio and Oregon. They enjoyed wonderful weather as they visited and explored sites throughout Israel that confirmed the veracity and historical accuracy of the Hebrew Bible and New Testament. It was a great learning experience regarding Scripture, history, archaeology, culture, current events and end times prophecy, as well as providing special ministry opportunities that touched lives through the distribution of books, clothes, and supplies, verbal witnessing, and ministry in Jerusalem.

Team members participated in a Shabbat service in Jerusalem at For Zion’s Sake Ministries (Calvary Chapel of Jerusalem) to a loving congregation of Russian Jews and messianic believers. It was an awesome service with special music by Elaine Titus and Charlotte Zimmerman, testimonies by Deborah Ford and Jerry Zimmerman, and a powerful message by Bill through a Russian interpreter. Bill has spoken many times in Jerusalem, as well as ministering in other Middle Eastern countries – always a gre