Reaching Your Maximum Potential in Christ

This powerful and popular book by Bill Rudge has impacted the lives of countless youth and adults - military personnel, prisoners, athletes, and people in almost every facet of life. It contains timeless scriptural principles and is laced with exciting illustrations of how they have been put to the test in real life experiences. 

Reaching Your Maximum Potential in Christ stands against the modern age of conformity that is bearing down upon the Church. It is a call to living the Christian life to the fullest. Jesus went against the standards of man and followed the will of the Father. He challenges us likewise to take up our cross and follow Him.

In this present age of compromise, Bill Rudge reminds Christians that God wants first place. This book contains no New Age gimmicks, or mind-over-matter wizardry. It is a call to total and complete commitment and faithfulness to God regardless of the cost. Bill’s book is full of practical and hard-hitting advice on how to reach YOUR maximum potential in Christ.

Chapter Titles:

  • God Sees Our Potential
  • Examine the Evidence
  • Count the Cost
  • Total Commitment
  • Walking in Obedience  
  • Surrendered and Available
  • Evaluate Your Motives
  • Live a Life of Integrity
  • Develop a Balanced Life
  • Self-Control –– the Essence of Strength
  • Dare to Be Different
  • Courage to Stand Alone
  • Determination to Never Give Up
  • Root Out Hidden Sins
  • Desire the Lord
  • Take the Challenge
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