Dick Hetrick

Dick Hetrick has a heart for wood as well as a heart for Christ.

A visit with Dave Fisher of Greenville during Pioneer Craft Days spurred Dick's interest in woodcarving. Dave helped him finish a bowl started with his brother-in-law, Ed, before his passing because Dick wanted to give it to his sister-in-law as a present. Dave continues to mentor and encourage Dick.

After retiring from the Army Corps of Engineers in 2011, Dick took a woodcarving course in Asheville, NC, and classes in Plymouth, Mass.

In his home studio, Dick enjoys carving kitchen utensils, and may spend 3 - 4 hours carving spoons and spreaders and 5 - 6 hours for bowls. Seventy-five percent of his sales are sent to missions, including Bill Rudge Ministries, with 25% retained for tools and specialty woods including walnut, maple, cherry, apple, plum, poplar, ironwood, lilac, rhododendron, birch and olive.

Dick lives in Sharpsville with his wife, Willie. They have two children, Jonathan and Katie. BRM is blessed to have Dick and Willie who help the ministry in various capacities. Willing to volunteer their services wherever needed, Dick has volunteered in helping to build several obstacle course stations at BRM. Willie serves as a BRM Board Member and Prayer Intercessor.


Obstacle Course / Literature Table