Jim Weikal

God’s Pathway For Me

by Jim Weikal

I came to the Bill Rudge Ministries (BRM) in 1986 looking for someone who could teach me to serve the Lord. I had a desire to serve but was not sure how to go about doing it. I understood from Scripture that Joshua had learned from Moses and Timothy had been instructed by Paul, so I knew the necessity of learning from someone who was following the Lord.

My first job at the ministry was using a hammer to put shingles on the new addition. Gradually, I began to proofread, do research, lead Bible studies, speak in area churches, and write for the ministry newsletter.
In all of these activities, I was continually being taught by Bill as he imparted his knowledge and experience to me. I also learned by his example which is always the best teacher. Fortunately, I know Bill not only as a teacher and spiritual advisor but also as a friend. In all circumstances, Bill strives to honor God and maintain the highest level of integrity.

When I came here all those years ago, I could not have known the extent to which Bill would positively influence my walk with the Lord. I could not have learned from textbooks what I have learned from Bill:

  • Through prayer and fasting always seek to know God’s will before you do something.
  • Spend more time reading the Scriptures than you do reading supplemental books.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet so the body and mind can do God’s work.
  • Maintain the highest level of integrity in all spheres of your life.
  • Always seek to honor God in all you do.

The original purpose for God’s sending me here has been completed: I have been shown how to serve the Lord. I served as pastor at Sharon Alliance Church for 14 years while still actively involved in the Bill Rudge Ministries and faithfully supporting it. As a pastor I followed the Biblical principles learned at the Bill Rudge Ministries. I believe the Bible to be the last court of appeals in all matters of the faith, and the Word and the testimony of Jesus need to be the standard for all Biblical Christians.

After retiring as the pastor of Sharon Alliance, I became the Biblical Instruction Director at Bill Rudge Ministries.

Biblical Instruction Director