The following are excerpts of just a few of the hundreds of notes and letters we have received from across the United States and around the world.

Sexual Freedom

I would like more copies of your newsletter on Temporary Pleasures. I belong to a Men’s Group of about 50 men. Most of them are battling the flesh and other addictions. I would like a case of Bill’s book Overcoming Sexual Immorality. Also, wanted to relay a message from one of the young men in our group. I had given Alex one of Bill’s books on sexual freedom. He said that book changed his life. He wanted to say thank you so much. God Bless, 

E. L., California

Conquering Sexual Immorality

I just read Overcoming Sexual Immorality and found it to be the best advice I have found to date. I am 69 years old and have suffered from addiction to pornography for over 60 years. Bill’s book has helped me in my understanding and conquest of the issue. Thank you, 

R. D., Virginia

Karen Rudge Foundation Soccer Tournament

The soccer tournament at the stadium in Liberia on July 26, 2018 in honor of William Rudge brought together four communities. The Yellow Jersey team won while the Blue took second place. The pamphlets from Bill Rudge Ministries were shared for the glory of God. The teams and I distributed the tracts to the community. The kids took the true life testimony of Bill (The Taming of Godzilla) home to their parents. Also, thank you for your contribution to purchase a new chalkboard for the children of this village. May you never lack anything in life. Your contribution will be a remembrance in the lives of these kids. We are so grateful to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

Pastor Festus Banks, Liberia

Election Day

Chaplain Bill, I want to thank you for your kind words on election day. It is amazing (don’t know why I am amazed after seeing God work for over 40 years) how God sends a word or kind deed when we need it most. You were a blessing and a help. I was so glad to hear you giving your testimony to the others there. I am praying that what you said will take root in hearts. May God bless your ministry. 

V. M., Pennsylvania

Boy Scouts Challenged

Dear Bill Rudge & Team, Thank you so much! We found the obstacle course very challenging. It pushed us to be our best. It helped us learn and try to overcome the challenges. 

Signed by all the Boy Scouts of Troop 45

Blessed by the Message

BJ, Wow, your message spoke directly to the hearts of those in attendance! One person made a special trip to our trailer to let us know that she was blessed by your message. Two ladies (sisters) who had never been to the church service were so moved by your message they started to weep. Blessings upon you, your ministry and your family. 

Nancy, Slippery Rock Campground

Minute Message

Thank you for your encouraging Minute of Living Truth with Bill Rudge entitled “Have You Suffered?” As hard as it gets at times, it helps to remember that we ‘are counted worthy’ to suffer these things. What an honor to be a servant of the living Savior. 

H. W., Florida

Comment on “Spiritual Addiction” Blog

BJ, I can not say a loud enough amen to your post! I spent over a decade in a false religion that is defined by experiences. I hated prayer and reading the Bible… Once I was saved everything changed. The prayer and study I use to hate, I now love. Thank you for this post, friend. 

Word Press

Grateful for Gospel Materials

We received the parcel containing your Not Our Father’s Faith book and messages on Samson and Daniel. All your materials are excellent for the salvation of lost souls and building up Christians spiritually. Thank you very much. 

Professor Lambert, Biblical Research Library of Nigeria

Encouraged in Ministry by Overcoming Giants

I read Bill’s book, Overcoming the Giants in Your Life. It is very helpful to my spiritual growth to read about Bill Rudge’s personal experience in the Lord Jesus and His mighty works. How Bill totally depends on God encouraged me in ministry. 

Pastor Bollapalli, India

Woman with Disfigured Face Finds Forgiveness

One night I was reading a friend’s book, Who is Jesus Christ? by Bill Rudge. I received deliverance from unforgiveness as I realized I had allowed the devil to torment me with memories of people who had mistreated me over the years…some laugh at me because of my disfigured face as a result of a fire incident. Others laugh at me as a poor widow who has hearing difficulties, etc. But through the teaching in this book I asked God to forgive me and help me love unconditionally. You and this book are a blessing to my life. 

F. O., Nigeria

Blog on Discernment

BJ, Your blog on discernment was great. In fact, your whole series is great. We have been having some discussion about what contending for the faith means and your article nails it down really well. Thanks. 

W. F., Arkansas

Inspirational Messages

Dear BJ, As one of our favorite speakers, we thank you for your inspirational messages. The students look forward to you coming. Your messages could be heard over and over. Thanks for taking time out of a very busy ministry to bless us. 

S. B., Pennsylvania

Prepared for Heaven

Bill, There are so many reasons we  thank God he sent you into our lives. But the most important is you gave Jim his faith in God again. You gave him peace at the end. Thank you for your kindness. You are a very special man. God bless you. 

K. W., Pennsylvania

God Moved in a Special Way

Bill and Karen, God Bless you, both! Your ministry was and continues to be a blessing to us all. Thank you for coming and sharing with us. God moved in a very special way and used you for the building up of His kingdom – Hallelujah! 

Major T. L., Florida

BRM’s History Is Impressive

Bill, Our congregation responded well to your excellent presentation. Thank you for opening our eyes and hearts to the wide scope of your ministry to our local communities and the entire world. BRM’s history is impressive and its future seems so bright in the light of our world situation. 

Pastor D. F.

Reaching Your Maximum Potential in Christ

BRM, Thank you for blessing me with Reaching Your Maximum Potential in Christ book. I am enjoying it completely. I recently read the entire New Testament and wrote down every Scripture that touched me. As I read Bill’s book I came across more and more of the scriptures I had written down. I am seeing life in a whole new perspective.  

Z. H., California

With My Own Eyes

Dear Bill and Karen, I really appreciate your newsletters and its sound wisdom on biblical prophecy and the urgency to evangelize and be witnesses to the world around us. I also want to thank you for the example you have been. I consider you mentors in my life and I pray for you when I get your newsletters. 

K. C., Ohio

Translated into Mizo and Burmese

Karen, Praise the Lord for every great thing He has done for us through your ministries, especially Bill’s books and CDs which are being translated into Mizo and Burmese languages. They encourage us everyday. One of our members, U Kyaw Tun, is now banished by his family because of becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ. His mother said to him, “Your God, who is killed on the stake (cross) can now provide you food.” But U Kyaw Tun is not upset. He can now count many blessings.

H. K. L, Myanmar
Accepted Jesus as Her Savior

Just want to share some exciting news. Had a client who was into New Age. On the way home from Julian cabin, she got to listen to Bill’s CD on the occult and spiritual warfare. When we got back to El Cajon, she accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior. Praise His Holy Name. 

M. C., California

Thank You for Being Faithful

My heart swells with joy when I hear of ministries who are using the money wisely and for the glory of God. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being faithful and I pray God will touch many hearts and convict them to help you. 

J. J., Nevada

Stood the Test of Time

Dear Bill, Thank you for all you and Karen have done and continue to do for the Kingdom of God. It is a blessing to see a ministry that not only has stood against the attacks of the enemy, but has stood the test of time. Your faithfulness is to be commended. It is definitely an encouragement and inspiration! 

Pastor S. D., Pennsylvania

Karen Rudge Foundation in Liberia

Dear Karen, I am grateful to God Almighty for making me a partner of your great ministries. I am blessed to receive Bill’s books, pamphlets, and CDs to increase my spiritual growth. The box of items you sent were distributed among the children. My special thanks to Tabitha and Clay Smith and family for sponsoring it. We lift our prayer for them. Karen Rudge Foundation is working in 10 communitites to get the children off the streets; from sleeping in the market places. A big thank you to dad Bill and mom Karen for allowing us to be their son in Africa.  

F. B., Karen Rudge Foundation, Liberia

On My Mind

BJ, Thank you so much for coming to our middle school. Your message will definitely be on my mind and in my heart throughout my high school years. Also, thank you for your book. Your testimony is very inspiring. I will definitely share the book with my family and friends. 

Challenge Was Super

BJ, Just finished listening to your message CD from when I was away on vacation and wanted to thank you for such a timely and well-done message for our church family. Your organized thoughts and God’s challenge were super. Thanks for not only being willing to fill the pulpit, but for the evident time you spend preparing God’s Word before preaching. As a pastor it is extremely vital to know that in one’s absence the Word of God is being preached and the Spirit’s direction in the heart of the minister is evident—such is always the case with you and your dad when at our place of ministry. Thank you for being used of the Lord.

Pastor D. S., Pennsylvania
Power of Prayer Raises Up New Supporter

BJ, I want to tell you a very neat thing. For quite some time I desired to support the Bill Rudge Ministries. I have been asking God to speak to my husband and allow him to be the one to make the commitment. Many times I wanted to ask him if we might be able to add you to our monthly giving, but always felt the check in my spirit to wait. This morning before my husband left for work, he said, “I made a decision about our finances.” He then went on to explain that he felt we needed to add Bill Rudge Ministries on a regular monthly basis. I just sat there and smiled, praising God for His perfect timing. He went on to say, “I have listened to you retelling some of BJ’s conversations about his talks with kids and how he is leading the soccer team. I feel he is a man of God whose heart wants to serve Him.” I got tears in my eyes and gave him a hug. I am looking forward to sharing with him the journey of prayer that led to this day! God’s timing is so very perfect and worthy of the wait. 

K. C., Pennsylvania
Impacted My Life

I happened to see one of your newsletters at the Hermitage Bible Store and was glad that I found your web site. You impacted my life and if I have never said “thank you” for stepping out and being honest, let me say “thank you” now. I have respected you for years and always enjoyed your ministry. You are a blessing to me and a blessing to so many others. Thank you for doing God’s work and for all you and Karen do.

L. B., Nevada
Faithfulness, Strength and Courage

Every time I drift and quit reading Scripture, I come across one of your newsletters or audio messages or books. Your faithfulness, strength and courage (tenacity) to make the total commitment everyday over so many years are so comforting. I know in my heart that if it were not for you and your ministry I would be in deep trouble. May God bless you and Karen, your family and your ministry. 

G. C., Pennsylvania
God Never Failed

I have been following your lives and the success of the ministry for a long time. I marvel at how faithful you are to trust the Lord completely in all you do. You are showing the world what faith is really all about. I’m sure there were times you wondered if you were doing the right thing, stepping out in faith so often, but God never failed you and He sure came through for you time and time again. Thanks for sharing your lives with us all. The newsletter is always such an encouragement. Keep on trusting the Lord and being faithful to Him. He’ll never fail you nor forsake you. How we praise Him. You, and your ministry, are “lights” in a dark, dark world.

E.W., Pennsylvania
Example of Biblical Living

After listening to Fasting for Sensitivity & Power and reading Beware, our Lord allowed me to see more than ever my need to repent of any and all sloth and foolishness in my walk with Him. For several years, my pastor and I have sought the Scriptures for examples of godly living. We desire to make an impact and set an example for our generation. We have been blessed by your materials and example of godliness, self-control and holy living. We praise God for your modern day example of what Biblical and practical Christian living ought to be. I want to encourage and thank you by saying that your labor has not been in vain, and that you have, by the grace of God, made a difference in my marriage and our lives.

C. L., California
Solid and Genuine Commitment

I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your new book. I have been reading it non-stop every chance I get. I wish I could explain how much your whole family has touched my life. Every time I have the privilege to be around you, I come away feeling peaceful and challenged or inspired all at once. Thank you for your solid and genuine commitment to Jesus Christ.

K. D., New York
Karen’s Prayer Changes A Life

You are part of the reason I am where I am. If Karen hadn’t prayed with me and led me to the Lord, I probably would never have been here! Thanks for all your support.

C. L., Minnesota
Saints Under Attack

I have listened to Bill’s CD How Long Can America Stand and God’s Purpose in Suffering three times now. It really speaks to me. Bill Rudge was correct about the suffering in the Body of Christ. I have never seen so many saints come under attack with spiritual warfare as I have seen in the last three years. We need food and encouragement in regard to the spiritual battle.

D. L., Arizona
Former Neighbor

I used to be a neighbor of yours about 25 years ago. I was a young boy who would try to get into and cause trouble with my friends. Long story short, I have been on a journey to find a stronger faith. I talk about this with a good friend at work, Art. I know my faith isn’t very strong and want to hear more about the Word. Art told me a little about you and how he felt you were a true man of faith –– with money, with relationships and with life –– it all started and finished with the Lord. I want so much to be a man who lives on faith instead of worrying about things that really don’t matter. I read your testimony on the web site and wish I would have taken the time to talk to you when I was younger. My journey may have been a little easier if I had. I was raised to not trust religion and by proxy didn’t trust you and for that (and any trouble I caused) I am sorry. Sincerely, 

R. B., Pennsylvania
The Gift of a Guitar

Dear Bill, I want to share with you the power of God’s Holy Spirit and testify to His marvelous ways of uniting His saints. I was handed one of your pamphlets by a friend here in Jacksonville. He and his wife first met you in a “revival” meeting in Pennsylvania. He tells me that you gave him a guitar as a gift and that he still plays it to this day at church services. 

I. F., Florida
Red Cross Nurse at California Wildfires

Hi Bill, Just want to thank you so very much for the book and newsletters from your ministry –– loved seeing the pictures of you and the memories it brought. Actually came at a perfect time as I’m usually pretty “up” but had been feeling “down” –– lifted my spirit greatly! I “re-listened” to the CD you had given me at the California wildfires. I felt a real bond with you from the minute we first spoke –– guess God was trying to tell me something. I have been going to church pretty regularly for about two years. May God keep you safe in your travels in His work.

S. L., California
Snow Run

Bill, Loved your ‘Snow Run’ article and applications to it! What a message! Guess I’ll have to try it from the house to the church sometime to see if I get the same applications! By the way—am reprinting last month’s lead article on “Purity and Perseverance” for the church family. We’ll be inserting it in the bulletin. Thanks for the great challenges in your newsletter from the Word. As a believer and pastor I really appreciate it. God bless!

Pastor D. S., Pennsylvania
Newsletters as Devotional

Dear Bill, Karen, & BJ, Thanks for your excellent newsletter. Now let me tell you how I use it in my daily devotions. On day one I read the lead article and ponder its relevance to my personal and prayer life. On day two I do the same with the next entry, and so on until I finish the issue. Thought this might be a helpful suggestion for other readers and supporters of Bill Rudge Ministries. May God continue to bless!

Dr. J. H., Pennsylvania
Letter to the Church in America Video

Bill, Esther and I leave tomorrow for Florida, but I wanted to quickly send off this note of appreciation for your letter to the churches in America. Our daughter, Karen, emailed it to us just yesterday. Thank you for this fine, penetrating paraphrase of our Lord’s letters to the churches. You did a superb job and the graphics were equally well done. I trust it will be used of the Lord to awaken us all to the gravity of our times and the imminency of His coming. Blessings on you, Karen and the family. We are so proud of you! 

Dr. G. B., Ohio
Perseverance of a Pastor and Prayers of a Church

Just a quick note to let you know that Mizpah Church has placed you on their annual budget. It has taken me two years for this to happen but everything is in God’s perfect timing. Bill Rudge Ministries has been on our Wednesday night prayer list for almost two years.

Pastor W. C., South Carolina
Pastor Dedicates Book to Bill

I lost contact with Bill Rudge due to military oppression in my country, but today I decided to search the web. I am so happy now! Your books and tapes and other materials sent to me in the past blessed me tremendously. In fact, one of my books to be published soon is graciously dedicated to Bill Rudge. Reason? Simple. I was actually ordained and sent forth by Bill Rudge many years back when he was the guest minister at God’s Deliverance Gospel Church. Then I was in Bible College. I respect Bill Rudge a lot and look forward to a fruitful relationship.

Pastor O. W., Nigeria
Blessed by Books and Messages

I want you to know just how much your ministry has meant to myself and the congregation that I have been blessed to lead. They really love you even though many of them do not know you. Just by reading your books, as well as listening to your messages, they all testify to the fact of the great blessing they have received from you.

Rev. M. C., Trinidad Messages
During a Conference

I am an Evangelist in Italy for Jesus. It blessed us greatly to hear some of your audio messages during a conference in Bergamo, Italy. Spiritual Warfare and your other audio messages impressed our fellow believers’ lives so much that, after the conventions, they approached me for some of these messages. In unison with 30 pastors we decided to establish an audio library to facilitate easy lending and borrowing of your messages.

K. A., Italy
Persecuted Pastor Requests BRM Books

On Christmas Eve while on my way to our church service, I met a group of unbelievers who were saying there is no God. When I spoke boldly about Jesus Christ, they grabbed me and threw me out of the bus into a nearby gutter and hit me with fists and sticks they found nearby. One of them said, “You are trying to make us lose many chances of enjoying life and having fun. What about the woman I told to wait for me in the brothel; do you want me to cancel that plan? Or do you want to tell my wife or daughter about her?”

I managed to get up from the gutter and said the words to them Jesus said to His disciples, “If any man will come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me. For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for My sake shall find it. For what is a man profited, if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? For the Son of man shall come in the glory of His Father with His angels; and then He shall reward every man according to his works” (Matthew 16:24-28).

Before they left, one of them who had pity on me gave me a card containing his address stating he wanted to know more about Jesus. I went to teach the gospel of salvation to him.

I need your prayer and Bill Rudge’s book NOT Our Father’s Faith for people to come back to Jesus. After a meeting in the church we are requesting 25 copies of your books to help take the Gospel to villages, hospitals, churches, schools, and Muslim environs. God Bless you for your encouragement! 

Pastor K. O., Come Back to Jesus Church, Nigeria
Library Touching Community in Kenya

I am very grateful for the library of Bill Rudge’s books and CDs sent by Hands for Christ International. They are very spiritually uplifting and changing many lives. Unbelievers from all parts of the community have come and thank God many have turned their lives over to Christ.

Pastor S. S., Kenya
Priest in Kenya

Thanks and best wishes from our communities of hospitals and the prisons. We always pray for the Bill Rudge Ministries because of your support and encouragement. The spiritual books you are sending us are bringing a lot of enlightenment to prisoners. Our entire community was very happy and grateful. The youth, children, and even sick people read the good materials you are sending. We love your books and tapes. Thank you and God bless you.

Father P. L., Kenya
Touching Young People’s Lives

Faith Through the Fire is outstanding! BJ’s story is instrumental in touching a lot of young people’s lives. What a great testimony to seeking God’s plan for our lives. 

S. W., Missouri
Dying of Heart Disease

Dear Mr. Rudge, I praise God for your ministry. I am dying of heart disease, but Ihave found the Lord. Only 20% of my heart is working and I give it all to Him. Your book, Beware! Deception and Delusion in the Church, was the most inspiring book I have had the pleasure of reading. So much truth! 

H. B., Utah
Book Found in Secondhand Store

My uncle was browsing around in Bibles for Missions, a secondhand store in Abbotsford, British Columbia. He came across your book, Beware! Deception and Delusion in the Church. He lent it to me and I spent nearly a whole day reading it along with the Word of God. I was so encouraged. I thank the Lord Jesus for laying it upon your heart to write it. I am so encouraged by your ministry and I am challenged to live a more convicted life in Christ Jesus.

Y. N., British Columbia, Canada
Reality-Based Book

I just want to commend you on the great work you are doing for the Lord. Be encouraged; people are blessed by your ministry. I have been re-reading Beware lately and it is great. I first read it way back in 1996 and forgot how good and reality-based it is. It takes great boldness to stand for biblical truth. Keep it up. I only pray that I may have the same boldness as I strive to serve the Lord. I really like your challenging stress on living a disciplined, biblically-based Christian walk. May God richly bless your faithfulness and obedience. 

D. W., Ohio
Beware Book “Snuck” Onto Bookshelf

It is so uplifting to see a ministry that is so on fire for our Lord, and most important, so dedicated to an absolute and uncompromising reliance on His Word. I wanted to let you know what an impact your book Beware had on me. I must tell you a funny story about this book. I have a fairly decent Christian bookshelf, and know where most of these books are from or who gave them to me. I wanted to quote Pastor Chuck Smith from his book Charisma or Charismania? That is when I saw your bookBeware. To this day I haven’t a clue where it came from! (I pray the Lord blesses the brother who snuck this book into my library!) Anyway, the Lord must have really had His hand upon you for this timely message. 

B. M., Utah
“Giants” Waiting in Maryland

Bill, thanks for a powerful weekend at the men’s retreat. The giants were waiting when I got home. Thanks for your book on Overcoming the Giants in your Life. I put it to work and turned it over to the Lord and He helped me. God bless you and your ministry.

S. U., Maryland
Overcoming Giants Book Helps Pastor in Nigeria

You are an agent of God for my ministry at this critical time. My eyes caught the title of your book Overcoming the Giants in Your Life in a bookstore here in Nigeria. I got a copy and read the numerous challenges you have gone through and emerged victorious. My courage has returned.

Pastor L. O., Nigeria
Overcoming Sexual Immorality a Popular Book

Your book Overcoming Sexual Immorality was loaned to a former colleague and never to be seen again. It’s been that popular! Every time I show it to someone they want to keep it. With so many “loose women” and “sex-orientated” men out there today my community really needs to see this book! The ladies in our ministry are desperate to distribute more of Overcoming Sexual Immorality –– not only to help women keep chaste, but also to distribute to the men who are pursuing them. We need 50 copies. Our funds are limited, but your book is worth it because it is the single most important issue for women today!  

L. J., California
Overcoming Sexual Immorality in Ghana

I am 22 years old and facing a lot of problems concerning sexual immorality. I live in a place where immorality is on the increase, especially among the students. I came across your book Overcoming Sexual Immorality which caused a great change in my life. God bless you.

A .K., Ghana
Broadcast Brings Tears

I was driving home from the market listening to your program on Fasting. Everything that you were saying was convicting me. I felt the Holy Spirit so strongly that tears ran down my face; even when I pulled into the garage and went into my home, there were still tears flowing. I thank God for working through you. I feel that the Holy Spirit guided me to be in my car at the time of your program. Your sister in Christ, 

M. J., California
Overcoming Giants Radio Program

I am writing to thank you for your message, Overcoming the Giants in your Life. On our way to Mexico for a day, we heard your broadcast. My husband asked me to take notes. As your sermon progressed we knew we would want to hear it again without distractions. Please send us a copy of this message. Thank you for sharing these truths of God’s Word.

C. C., Arizona
Radio Listener in China

I salute all your radio workers; your hard work reaches more and more audiences’ hearts. I have listened to your radio broadcast for a long time - from not liking to loving it passionately. Your program brought me the ocean of a new world and new knowledge. Ever since hearing your program there have been changes in the whole aspect of me. 

T.J., China
Glad for Monday

I am glad for Monday only because I get to listen to you. Thank you for a Spirit filled broadcast.

S. C., Florida
One Who’s Been There

I have been listening to you for about six months and I wanted to say how much I like your program. You teach from the perspective of “one who’s been there” and that is very effective. Bless you Pastor Rudge.

D. W., Kansas
Wake-up Call

I pray that your outreach is as effective with others as it is with me. You definitely got my attention and I needed a wake-up call! Bless you,

C. P, Universal Christian Radio
Stirred By Maximum Potential Book

Your Reaching Your Maximum Potential In Christ book is super. It has broken, sharpened, and stirred me for His work in the United Kingdom.

M. D., West Sussex, United Kingdom
Whole Heart Commitment

Having read your book Reaching Your Maximum Potential in Christ, I must confess it motivates me so deeply to wholeheartedly commit my heart to the Lord Jesus Christ. 

G. O., Christ Apostolic Church, Nigeria
Nigerian Pastor Challenged By Bill’s Messages

I remember when you visited Nigeria and the way the Lord used you. I can never forget it. Even the prayers you offered were great and powerful. Your life is a very big challenge to me as a servant of God. Whenever I listen to your messages it makes me study the Word of God more. I gave two of your audio messages to the representative of our state governor. He was very happy after listening to them. 

Pastor S. E., Nigeria
Nigerian Churches Blessed

Your ministry has been a blessing to me and my churches in Nigeria. Your books and audio messages have been a source of inspiration and provided study and teaching materials for the churches. I want you to visit this country again, so my people will be able to benefit from your personal ministry. I will serve as your Ambassador to Nigeria. You can remember that during your previous visit to Nigeria, you ministered on my television program. 

Bishop A. I., Nigeria
Lives Touched at Himalayan Convention

It was indeed a great pleasure and a real privilege to listen to the Word from you at the India Evangelistic Crusade (Himalayas). We were very blessed by your challenging sermons. We returned home with a new vision and burden for the work of the Lord. Thank you for your visit to Takdah.

Pastor D. M., Darjeeling, India
Ministry in Egypt

Though your stay was very short, it was a wonderful time when you were speaking in Egypt. I am always listening to your audio messages when I am driving in the car.

H. S., Cairo, Egypt
Jerusalem Ministry

Shalom. It was a blessing to have you come and share with the saints during Saturday evening Shabbat service. I am blessed in many ways, Bill, since I made contact with your ministry. I wrote your office and graciously received materials on many subjects I use in our ministers’ training meetings.

P. B., Jerusalem, Israel
Pastor Comments On Bill’s Message at His Church

Bill, Your message was a very pertinent and timely challenge for God’s people. I appreciate your stand and ministry more than you probably know and I am very grateful to have you and BJ sharing the Word and ministering like you do. Not only was the message God’s, but your servant’s heart is as well. Thank you again.

Pastor D. S., Pennsylvania
Response from Previous Revelation Series

Bill and BJ, thank you so much for your teaching on Revelation. We are so thankful for your commitment to our Lord and willingness to give of your time and talents. Your teaching helped us sort a great deal out and clarified much. Also your suggestion to read Revelation each week was extremely helpful. May God continue to bless your ministry and protect your family as you go about the world serving our Lord Jesus Christ. Your father and son team did a superb job relaying the information to us.

J. C., Ohio
University Student’s Life Changed

In our 11 a.m. service there were two people baptized who shared their testimonies. One of those is a young man named Chris who shared that the men’s retreat last winter impacted his life and he thanked both Doug (for planning the retreat and inviting him) and Bill Rudge, who was the guest speaker. Chris just graduated from the University of New Brunswick with a degree in geology. 

R. M., Canada
Translate BRM Books into Tamil

I am a translator and a broadcaster. I received your valuable books, pamphlets, and newsletters. Thank you very much. I have read them and am seeking your permission to translate and publish your materials into our mother tongue, “Tamil” and to distribute them among our people. I have a burden on my heart to reach our Tamil believers to become Biblical Christians.

Pastor C. S., India
Pakistani Wants to Translate Bill’s Book

I have been going through the studies at your web site, and am deeply inspired with all of the teachings. This is such a wonderful study you have arranged for all the nations of the entire world. I am from Islamic Republic of Pakistan where it is difficult to have radio and TV channels for preaching purposes. They would not allow us to do that here. We humbly request you to expand your outreach into Urdu and Punjabi language. Urdu is the language spoken and understood by more than one sixth of the total population of the world. Urdu is spoken in Pakistan, India, Nepal, and Afghanistan and also in Indonesia, Malaysia, Iran and others. I volunteer my services as translator, recorder, dubbing and distribution. This will bring a lot of blessings for Urdu and Punjabi speaking people. There is nothing more precious than to hear the Word of God in your own language.

N. G., Pakistan
Three Questions Video

Thank you so much for the Three Questions video! It’s amazing! This will be forwarded to my Address Book! Love and blessings. 

D. T., San Diego, California
Touched by Witch Doctor Video

Absolutely beautiful testimony of HIS Love! The Holy Spirit reached me through your video. The older man in the end with the green shirt on; oh, how I felt the Holy Spirit flowing thru this man and I know we will meet in heaven one day! Praise His Name! Whew, God thank you!

Elizabeth, e-mail
Band Uses Bill’s Message

I would like to use samples of Bill’s speech about Haiti on a music CD. It is primarily for a Scottish audience and samples Jimi Hendrix too! Would you let me know if it is ok for me to proceed with your approval?

D. M., The Hugh Trowsers Band, Scotland
Testimony Read in Church Service

The following is the testimony Sister Odura read in the church service yesterday: “For over 29 years I was nothing but troubled and wanted nothing to do with God. On July 1, 2010, things changed. I accepted Jesus as my Savior. I did not realize how hard it would be to go back out into the world without becoming like the world again. It took me years to have my eyes opened to the truth. If it were not for billrudge.org web site I would not have known the truth. And if not for the pastor of this church who showed me your web site, I have no doubt I would be dead and in hell today. Now, the Lord has blessed me beyond any words that I can write. He saved me. He gave me a new life and mended my broken relationship with my parents after many years of separation. I will forever be thankful to you for your web site.”

Pastor C. I., Light of the Gospel Ministry, Nigeria
Why I Quit Karate Book a Great Witnessing Tool

I am scheduled to speak at a seminar on “Why Many Christians are Leaving the Martial Arts.” I am planning to pass out many of the Why I Quit Karate booklets you wrote. They have really proved to be a witnessing tool. I could use about 100 booklets. I agree wholeheartedly in all that you write. Can’t tell you what a blessing those books have been to me, as so many people have done a complete turnaround after reading them and listening to the lecture and witnessing sessions with question and answers. Thanks Bill!

B. J., Minnesota
God Removes Desire to Fight

The following letter is from one of the musicians who performed at Petra Cafe when Bill spoke there at the Presidio of Monterey, California. I hope you remember who I am. I talked to you at the Petra Cafe after you spoke. You and I talked about martial arts. It was truly a blessing talking to you. You have a powerful ministry. Yesterday I noticed that God took the desire to fight away. Even sparring. It is great when the Lord removes things without us even realizing it. That’s the easy kind of surgery! Please send me that information you told me about the martial arts.

D. C., North Carolina
Dissuaded from Kung Fu

Would it be ok to read sections of your book Why I Quit Karate to people I exchange audio tapes with? You’re an excellent writer and your book certainly helped to dissuade me from taking Kung Fu lessons. Looking back, I see that the Lord protected me from getting mixed up in the martial arts, as it had a pull on me since childhood.

J. V., Ontario, Canada
Translate Bill’s Self Defense Book in India

I am from Northeast India and got your Self Defense book from my brother as a present. It was so great and gave a challenge, because I always fight with others. Now I am applying the formulas from your book. I have a great desire to translate your book in my language and am planning to start after my graduation.

A. K., India
Lord Changes Heart On Martial Arts

At first I didn’t agree with the stand you made on the martial arts because I had such a love (and pride) in it. But now the Lord has changed my heart to let go and humble myself. The Lord did it in such a way it’s been easy to let go of the physical warfare and remember it’s spiritual. So I prefer my knees over my fists. My prayers are with you. God richly bless you in your faithful service. 

D. B., Cranberry, Pennsylvania