Obstacle Course - Ultimate Challenge

Challenging Youth and Adults to Reach Their Maximum Potential

Bill and BJ Rudge have set up Obstacle Courses and done specialized training for individuals and groups in school and church gymnasiums and outside fields – locally, across the U.S. and abroad – since 1986. The permanent Obstacle Course at Bill Rudge Ministries (BRM) provides awesome opportunities to challenge children, teens, adults, school athletic teams, youth groups, church groups; Cub and Boy Scouts, Big Brothers and Big Sisters programs; Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, new recruits preparing for boot camp and groups preparing for mission trips. Over the years Bill has created several games and sports activities which are incorporated into his training regimen and have been published in various magazines.

Workouts on the Obstacle Course are alternated with verbal coaching on biblical principles such as attitude, confidence, commitment, courage, determination, discipline, faith, life-balance, loyalty, nutrition, respect and self-control. Occasionally Bill will share his testimony or give out copies of his book, Reaching Your Maximum Potential in Christ.

Bill designed a rigorous training routine to help prepare new recruits for the physical, emotional and spiritual challenges that lie ahead. An Army Recruiting Sergeant reported that his soldiers and new recruits loved it and were soaked with sweat – which is what he wanted. A Navy Petty Officer said the exercises were great, and that the sailors and future sailors really enjoyed it. A Marine Recruiting Sergeant said the course was challenging in many different ways and that the future Marines had a great time. Some of those who trained on the BRM Obstacle Course were preparing to try out for the Navy Seals. 



Huge Inspiration

Bill and Karen,  Thank you for having me at the ministry center and obstacle course so many times over the years. Your outstanding character and relationship with Christ has been a HUGE inspiration for me. You have changed my life in more ways than you know. 

M. L.

Team Bonding

Bill, I really enjoyed the course. It was so fun! Thank you for teaching us how to physically challenge ourselves and for teaching us life lessons! The team bonding experience helped me learn to trust each other more and get to know everyone better! 

K. P.

Obstacle Course

Karen, I am happy to help in any way I can. You and Bill are great people. My daughter joined Sharpsville Cross Country this year and was at the ministry last week for the obstacle course. You can pass along to Bill that my daughter just loves him! She talked about him for at least 45 minutes after she got home that night!

Love,  C.  A.

Cross Country Coach

Bill, Thank you so much for allowing us to use the obstacle course and teaching the kids the importance of team work and other life lessons. The kids were thrilled and challenged by the course and your words of encouragement! God bless you as you continue to do work for God’s glory! 

B. M., Coach, Sharpsville High School Cross Country