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Bill Rudge recorded this video on March 18, 2020, at the beginning of the Coronavirus. The message is even more relevant today and a good reminder about where our focus should be.
Bill Rudge's powerful life-changing testimony on Crossing Paths Television.
Part 2 of Bill Rudge's powerful life-changing testimony on Crossing Paths Television  
A slide show presenting highlights of the impact Bill Rudge Ministries has had around the world since 1977.
Dr. BJ Rudge's inspiring testimony on Crossing Paths Television.  
A visual overview of BRM Holy Land pilgrimages and adventures.
A heart felt story about a man who loses everything due to his lack of faith, but through his loss finds hope and redemption at Christmas when he meets his grandson. The royalty-free song “Lament” was provided by
A modern day love story, courtesy of The 700 Club, of how Tabitha Rudge in Pennsylvania and Clay Smith in California met and married.
A Minute of Reaching Your Maximum Potential with Bill Rudge
A brief visual synopsis of what is ahead according to the book of Revelation. Produced by Rich Miller for BRM.
An exciting overview of the last days. Dr. BJ Rudge and author, lecturer, and researcher Bill Rudge present an exciting synopsis of the book of Revelation, which was recorded live on November 10, 2009 at the Legacy Financial Strategies banquet at...
A Minute of Reaching Your Maximum Potential with Dr. BJ Rudge
At the age of 18 Bill Rudge searched for the answers to three crucial questions. He didn't think he needed Jesus Christ, but God had other plans. This challenging message was excerpted from the dedication of the Bible Discoveries Museum in April...
The tragic death of a child leads to an unexpected journey that results in a multi-generational blessing.
The Whiz Kids (with Bill Rudge, age 12) of the F.H. Buhl Club perform an acrobatic routine on the October 11, 1964 Ted Mack and the Original Amateur Hour show. Special Thanks to Albert Fisher (
Winter photos by Bill Rudge and inspirational music by Amanda Joy to bless and inspire you.
An enlightening slide show providing a glimpse of how we have freely given over 1.7 million of our books, CDs, DVDs and pamphlets to pastors, missionaries, chaplains, and other Christian leaders and spiritually searching people in 145 countries.
An informative slide show of World War I and Sgt. York’s 90th Anniversary Commemoration in the Argonne Forest in France and the Dedication of the Sgt. York Trail and Memorial.