Board of Directors

Eilene Urmson

In 1979, Eilene Urmson was asked to serve on a committee to help deal with the finances for an area-wide crusade that Bill Rudge was organizing. It was as a result of that special outreach and the tremendous success of it that she got involved with the Bill Rudge Ministries in 1981 as Board Treasurer. Her husband Gordon spearheaded the Rudge ministry's first building project in 1981 and helped with several more that followed.

Allan Titus

Allan has been a faithful friend and board member for over 30 years. He is a man with a gentle spirit and a heart of gold. Allan and his wife are true servants of the Lord. During Bill's third outreach to Haiti they came to help in any way possible. Many Haitians were touched by their display of genuine love. 

In Allan's words: 
"My connection to Bill Rudge goes back to the late 1970's when I attended a Bob Larson crusade that Bill had been instrumental in bringing to the area.

BJ Rudge, Ph.D.

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BJ Rudge, son of Bill and Karen Rudge, has worked as an executive assistant at the ministry center since 2000. His many ministry responsibilities include speaking at churches, schools, leadership and men's conferences, and special outreaches as well as biblical research, apologetics, crisis intervention, writing books, blogs and articles for the newsletters and other publications, and producing radio broadcasts and audio messages.

Carolyn Mild

Bob and Carolyn Mild: Carolyn is on the Board of Directors and Bob helps with maintenance.

Willie Hetrick

Willie Hetrick serves on the Bill Rudge Ministries Board of Directors and is a prayer intercessor for BRM. She and her husband, Dick, have been faithful supporters of BRM. They both have humble hearts for the Lord and are always willing to serve in any capacity.

Arthur Blystone

Art and Teenie Blystone have been volunteering their time and talents for several years at the Bill Rudge Ministries. They plant flowers, trim bushes and trees and do so much more to keep the ministry center looking great. Art serves on the Board of Directors. They sometimes go with Bill or BJ on speaking engagements to run the ministry display and book tables. Art and Teenie traveled with Bill and Karen during the Holy Land Adventure to Israel, and are praying about traveling with Bill and Karen on the Around the World 3 in a few years.