Is America Having a "Final Fling" Like Belshazzar?

by Bill Rudge

Belshazzar, king of Babylon, had a “final fling” before the demise of his kingdom (Daniel, chapter 5). Is America having her “final fling”? If America continues her errant and foolish ways the party is about to end.

The time is near when God’s “handwriting” will be on the wall. Just like Belshazzar, faces will grow pale and knees will shake. Just as no conjurers or diviners could charm Belshazzar’s dilemma away, so no one and nothing will be able to deliver America. Her pleasure and prosperity will be short-lived.

Prophecy is being fulfilled. The deceptive temporary reign of Antichrist and the False Prophet loom on the horizon. Apostasy accelerates. Worldwide persecution and martyrdom of true believers in Christ draw ever closer, yet few Christians in America seem to notice or care.

The approaching Tribulation of Antichrist’s reign of terror, God’s wrath and judgment, and Christ’s second coming are being denied or ignored by those who are caught up in the cares and pleasures of this world. They do not recognize the “signs of the times” being fulfilled all around them.

Belshazzar was unprepared for the attack of Darius the Mede and was slain by him. So, too, America is unprepared for what lies ahead, and could be “slain” with little resistance.

Belshazzar, preoccupied with partying and feeling good, was oblivious to what was about to happen. But Daniel knew (Daniel 5:9-30), and so will you know of the impending events, if you study Scripture and spend time in prayer. Doing so will help you have the necessary discernment in these end times.