Bairs Displayed the Love of Christ

Bill and Karen Rudge met Bill and Marilyn Bair in the early days of their ministries and were impressed with the love of Christ displayed through them.

Bill and Karen served as foster parents for several Bair Foundation youth and Bill spoke at many Bair Foundation events and conducted training sessions for Bair staff and foster families.

Bill Bair went home to be with the Lord on July 8, 2004, and was joined by his beloved wife Marilyn on April 2, 2019. Bill Rudge was honored to pray and share Scripture with Marilyn the night before she died. She was as loving and graceful as ever.

The Bairs were faithful supporters of the Bill Rudge Ministries and a blessing and encouragement to Bill and Karen throughout the years – even inspiring the Prayer Room we have to this day.

In Marilyn’s Words -

"Dear Bill & Karen, God’s blessings to you, faithful to God friends. I love your newsletters and read them from front to back. Your whole family has been blessed by God in wonderful ways. Karen, how you have blessed me with your precious notes, many times just when I needed them. My Bill admired and loved what you were doing. His big concern was the same as yours, winning souls for Christ. God bless you. I’ll be praying for you. With much love."