Fitness Starts With God - Joey Commisso

by Darlinda McDonald

Joey Commisso - Lifelong Athlete

It is Joey Commisso’s commitment to Christ that drives his life and work. As he says, “Fitness starts with God. You can’t separate the physical from the spiritual.”

When a car accident severely damaged Commisso’s back and shoulders in October of 2000, he was instructed to stop running, jumping, and participating in most of the physical activities he enjoyed. After three years of doctor visits and physical therapy yielded no results, Commisso spent the next six months determining how to correctly work on his lower back to regain his mobility and active lifestyle. His quest for functional health and fitness had begun. It was the subsequent passing of his mother that sparked Joey’s desire to help others “because I couldn’t save the one I loved the most.” Following the advice of his wife, Patti, he started individual training in their basement which progressed to weekly classes.

As a follower of Christ, Joey understands that it is an act of worship to God to take care of our bodies. He emphasizes how the five “allies” of health (spiritual, mental, emotional, nutritional, and physical) work hand in hand to allow the individual to serve God to the fullest. Placing God first contributes to a strong mind, which promotes the emotional balance to make proper food choices. Consequently, physical health naturally takes care of itself.
Joey is often asked to speak and along with his expertise in health and fitness uses the opportunities to share his faith. He likes to pass out Bill Rudge’s books, Reaching Your Maximum Potential in Christ and Fasting for Sensitivity and Power in conjunction with his classes and presentations.

In Joey's Words -

“When I moved from California in 1997, little did I know that I would meet Bill Rudge and form a friendship based on our common interests in Jesus Christ and physical training. My admiration for Bill’s commitment to keep his temple fit, even after he left the martial arts for his calling to ministry, deepened as Bill became a spiritual mentor.”