Sickness Leads to Insight and Blessing

We received the following e-mail from Dilip, one of the ministers coordinating Bill’s second Himalayan outreach several years ago. Shortly before Bill left for India, Dilip was struck with an unexplainable and intensely painful affliction. The following e-mail vividly tells what the Lord taught him through his afflictions and how it all ended in great victory as he was restored to health. It will also give you a glimpse of the potential dangers as well as the great blessing others have received through Bill’s ministry, books, and tapes. 

Dear Bill & Karen,

I am back home from the hospital and am well on my way to recovery. The doctor is not sure how to pinpoint my acute condition from which I suffered immense pain for a little less than a month. Therefore, whatever the acute infection of the bone I may have suffered has been dealt with by the all-powerful blood of Jesus and the validity of your prayers. I do not have words to express my appreciation for your concern and precious prayers.

While alone in the hospital, I had the highest privilege of spending intimate time with my Lord. I have been close to the Word. Through tears and brokenness, He has taught me truths in the midst of my acute pain. I thank God for the sufferings He has let me go through so as to make me sensitive to His suffering for me on the Cross and the pains of others.

While in the hospital, I was surrounded by non-believers who did not think much of Jesus. The reason was obvious: Christians like myself have not been making much of Him before the unbelieving world. The Lord has been putting these things right in my life through the time of aloof silence and yearning for His eternal presence. I was able to witness to the nurses and other severely injured patients who took time off to listen and respectfully adhere to the conviction the Lord would bring from His Word. Sometimes I was taken aback by the immense sense of respect and dignity with which they would listen to my testimony and the Gospel.

While I lay in immense pain for three weeks, I had been given a Walkman and a whole lot of your tapes with testimonies and messages to listen. Those words the Lord had you speak in those tapes had me burning with the zeal of the Lord to witness and be a willing instrument. I also read some of your newsletters and the small booklet, Strength through Weakness, about the harassment you experienced in the Middle East. All these challenged me more than ever. I understood the smallness of my sufferings in the light of the Cross. I was shocked to see how far I was from my original calling.

One part of your tour has to be put off because it will be too risky to travel in those areas where much of the time the roads are being guarded by killer gangs who are infiltrating into India from Pakistan. They are being caught by the police and the army but they are too suicidal in nature and are creating a state of emergency in those areas. This change of schedule will still enable you to not only speak at the large convention but also minister in remote interior mountain corners of Sikkim and Darjeeling district.


When Bill and his son-in-law and nephew arrived at the airport in the foothills of the Himalayas, Dilip was there to escort them up the Himalayas in a jeep to speak at the convention. Dilip then drove them over 2,500 kilometers to minister in many dangerous and previously forbidden regions of the Himalayas. Truly our God is amazing as His healing power and protection was visibly evident.