Straight Street Youth Center Thriving

by Rev. Bob Anderson

In 1987, Bill Rudge and I got to know each other through my mother, Irene Anderson. I was saved in Las Vegas, NV, and returned home to Hermitage, PA to attend Mt. Vernon Bible College in Mt. Vernon, Ohio. My mother learned that Bill was a graduate from the same college and introduced me to him and his family. I spent time with Bill and helped his ministry one summer while interning at a local church.

Mount Vernon Bible College moved to Christiansburg, VA, and changed its name to LIFE Bible College East. Then in 1990, after graduating from LIFE Bible College East, I started Straight Street New River Valley Youth Center in Christiansburg, VA, in 1990. We were honored and blessed to have Bill come to speak at our fundraising banquet in October, 1992. We also asked him to share a Straight Talk message with the teens that same weekend. Bill powerfully connected with the young people and challenged them to reach their maximum potential in Christ. (Bill also gave a dynamic message to the entire student body of LIFE Bible College East.)

In 1998, I moved on to do other things. My visit with Bill in Hermitage in the spring of 2017 was very refreshing and brought back some great memories. It helped confirm that the Lord wanted me to restart Straight Street. There is a new stirring the Lord is doing among His people – especially the young people. We’ve seen hundreds, if not thousands, of teens impacted by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Many today are serving God as pastors or in some type of leadership role in their churches.

God is so good and so faithful! If the Lord is speaking to you about doing something, look for signs and ask Him for confirmation. He will deliver!

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(Photos at right:  (TOP) Bill and Bob Anderson at BRM. (CENTER) Ivar Ore (center) ready to fly Bill Rudge (left) from Youngstown Airport to speaking engagements at Straight Street Teen Center and Life Bible College East in Virginia.  (BOTTOM) Bill speaking at the Straight Street Teen Center banquet in Virginia.)