Stages of Stardom

Passion – the obsession to become a star  

Pursuit – the quest for success  

Price – the cost paid to achieve the goal  

Popularity – adoration of fans  

Prestige – fame and celebrity status

Pride – thinking more highly of yourself than you really are; giving glory to yourself rather than the One who deserves it

Pleasure – worldly indulgences and self-gratification

Possessions – lots of “toys” and worldly goods

Power – to influence and control others

Pinnacle – reaching the peak of success

Plunge – appeal and popularity decline

Panic – turning to drugs and alcohol or committing suicide

Passing – all over in this life

This pathetic pattern is repeated over and over in every generation, yet many people “sell their souls” for fleeting fame and passing popularity. Instead of chasing fantasies that fade like the radiance of a rainbow, be wise and live your life for the One who promises abundant life here and now, as well as  eternal life.

Bill Rudge