Tabby the Cat: Are "White Lies" Okay?

Sometimes when my mom is at home and the phone rings for her, she doesn't want to talk. She tells me to tell the person she is not at home. I do, but I told her that is lying and she said no, just a little white lie. Is it wrong?


Dear Emma,

What a good question! We know Jesus does not want us to lie and that the Bible tells us not to lie. So if you feel you are lying and that what you are doing is wrong then you need to tell your mommy again how you feel. The one good thing about moms is that they love their children very much. I am sure if you told her you still feel like you are lying and you know Jesus doesn't want you to lie, she will understand. Why don't you ask her if the two of you can come up with something else to tell the person who is calling so that you don't feel like you are telling a fib, but the truth. For example, if she is resting and really tired maybe you could say, "My mommy is resting now. Could you call back later?" If she is busy doing something, maybe you could say, "My mommy is unable to come to the phone right now. May I take a message, please?" Don't forget to pray and ask Jesus to be with you when you talk to your mom!


Tabby the Cat

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