Tabby the Cat: Daddy, Please Come to Church

I am 7 years old and my birthday is coming up. My dad asked me what I want for my birthday and all I want is for him to go to church with me. I asked him, but he said no. What can I do? Help me.


Dear Megan,

This is a wonderful birthday present that you are asking for. Remember that you should always pray first and ask God for His help and wisdom. God wants us to be completely truthful and honest. Try telling your dad why it is so important to you that he comes with you to church. If your dad still says no, do not give up. Keep praying for him and inviting him to church. Remember the Lord hears all your prayers and will answer them in His own time. Maybe this month as we celebrate Father's Day, your dad will go to church with you. If not, God still wants you to love and respect your dad. Remember, God said He would never leave us. So when you go to church on Sunday, remember, God goes with you as your Heavenly Father.


Tabby the Cat

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