Tabby the Cat: Love the Unlovely

In my school there is a girl who is smelly and also dirty. Everyone teases her and is mean to her. I want to be nice to her, but everyone else will get mad if I would talk to her. What should I do?


Dear Tammy,

I am so happy to hear that you want to be nice to this girl in your class. That is just what Jesus would want us to do. In the Bible Jesus told us to be kind to one another, showing love to another. Just remember if that were you how you would feel if everyone was making fun of you. It would really hurt your feelings. 

I know some may get mad at you if you talk to her, but we need to please Jesus more than others. Every time you talk to her you will be putting a big smile on Jesus’ face. The right thing to do is sometimes the hardest, but God promised if we obey His Word that He would bless us for it. God sees how you are treating her and will reward you one day for your kindness to this little girl. I am so proud of you for wanting to be nice to her. You are going to be setting a good example for the rest of your classmates.


Tabby the Cat

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