Tabby the Cat: Respecting God's Word

I am 12 years of age and I love to read my Bible. Sometimes I highlight certain things in the Bible because they are special to me. My Sunday School teacher said this is not right because it is God's Holy Word. Should I not mark things in my Bible?


Dear Carmen,

This is a very good question you have asked. Your Sunday School teacher is right when she said God's Word is Holy. God's Word is very holy and we need to treat it that way. You need to decide for yourself if marking your Bible is showing disrespect for God's Word or not. If you are just making marks and highlighting because you are bored during Sunday School, then I would agree with your teacher that it is wrong and disrespectful. If you are highlighting verses that are special to you and you want to remember for later, I do not think this is showing disrespect at all. I also highlight my Bible. This makes it easier for me to find the verse again if I need to share it with a friend or just to read again for myself. Keep up the good work and continue reading your Bible. That is the most important thing.


Tabby the Cat

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