Tabby the Cat: When Will Jesus Come Down to Earth?

When will Jesus come down to earth?

Lily Grace

Dear Lily Grace,

This question shows how much you love Jesus. The Bible says we should long for Jesus' return. That means you are excited for Him to return like when you are excited to see your mom or dad when they get home from work.

To answer your question we do not know when Jesus will return. Matthew. 24:42 says, "You do not know on what day your Lord will come." Even though we don't know the day there are some things we do know. First Corinthians 15:52 refers to Jesus' return as a flash or twinkling of an eye. So blink your eyes right now! How quickly it takes for you to blink your eye is how quickly Jesus' return will take and we will be with Him.

The other thing we do know is Heaven is going to be a wonderful place – more wonderful than Disney World or the best birthday party ever! So, Lily Grace, keep praying, going to church, and reading your Bible and we will all wait for Jesus' return. See you in Heaven soon!


Tabby the Cat

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