Tabby the Cat: When Words Hurt

My dad always puts me down. When I play baseball and don't hit the ball he calls me a sissy and says I am no good. I can do nothing to please him. I always seem to do things wrong. He calls me stupid. Why doesn't my dad love me?


Dear Brad,

I know how much those words must hurt. Try to remember that just because your dad is calling you those names doesn't mean he doesn't love you. He may not realize how much he is hurting you. You need to pray and then tell your dad how you feel when he says those words to you. There is a book in the Bible called Psalms. In Psalm 139, the Bible talks about how God created you and God says that you are wonderfully made. So if you are wonderfully made you cannot be a sissy or the other names you may be called. Have your dad help you find Psalm 139 and read it together and remind your dad that God says that you are wonderful. Tell him that he is a great dad and what you love about him and ask him to tell you what he loves about you.


Tabby the Cat

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