Tabby the Cat: Where Did God Come From?

If God was in the beginning, where did He come from?


Dear Theresa,

I remember asking my dad this same question when I was a little girl, "Where did God come from?" You are right, God was in the beginning.

Genesis 1:1 starts by saying, "In the beginning God created" This verse shows us that He was here first and then He created us. So where did God come from? The Bible has many verses describing God as eternal. For example: Romans 16:26 refers to our eternal God.

Eternal means without beginning or end. So, if God is eternal He always was here. I know this is very hard to think of God as always being alive and not being born like you and I. When we get to heaven we will better understand God and how He has always been alive and was not born or created like us. But don't worry, even a great man in the Bible like Job had a hard time understanding God and who He was. God doesn't make all things hard to understand. He makes it easy to love Him and be in heaven with Him if we just believe in Him. So, focus on those things and when you get to heaven, Theresa, God will be able to explain to you how He has always existed.


Tabby the Cat

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