Tabby the Cat: Why Did God Let Me be in a Wheel Chair?

I am am 11 years old and in a wheelchair. Sometimes I sit at my window and watch all the children in the neighborhood running and playing. I get so mad at God. Why did God make me this way? I am hurting.


Dear Brenda,

I am so sorry to hear how hard this situation is. I know it must be tough to bear. It must be very hard to watch your friends play and wonder why God made you this way or why He just doesn't heal you right now. I do not know why God chose you to be in the wheelchair. Some things we may not know until we get to heaven. I do know that the ones God does put in difficult situations, He wants to use in some way to help fulfill His plan. In 2 Corinthians 12:7-10, the apostle Paul was given a thorn in his flesh by God. He pleaded with the Lord to take it away. The Lord in verse 9 told him, "My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is made perfect in weakness." You may be looking at your weakness and thinking about all the things you cannot do, but God is saying if you trust Me I will turn your weakness into something good and use it to reach others. That is also what the apostle Paul decided. He could not get rid of the thorn in his flesh so he trusted God and God used him to bring many to the Lord. Remember to pray and ask God how He can use you in your wheelchair to reach out to others and fulfill the plan He has for you. Then when you get to heaven you will have a new body and a crown with your name on it.


Tabby the Cat

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