Will You Have Regrets?

by Bill Rudge

I have never met anyone who, facing death, regretted committing their life to Jesus Christ. But I have met many people who, as they lay dying, wished they had accepted Jesus earlier or had served Him more faithfully.

I have never met anyone who, as they got older, regretted having lived a disciplined life of health and nutrition. But I have encountered many who, having abused their health, regretted poor choices made when they were younger.

I have never met anyone who, having spent time with their children and grandchildren, regretted doing so later in life. But I have met many who regretted wasted years and lost relationships because of lives squandered in immoral behavior and the dissipation of drugs and alcohol; or because they were too self-absorbed, resentful, unforgiving or busy to spend time with loved ones. Many in isolation and loneliness discover – too late – the importance of family and  right, loving relationships.

Make wise choices concerning your commitment to Jesus Christ, your health and your family – while you still have the opportunities to do so.

Pandita Ramabai accurately said, “A life totally committed to God has nothing to fear, nothing to lose, nothing to regret.”