Airport Witness Encounters Using Books


As I waited in line to check-in for my flight from Cleveland to Chicago, a woman in front of me asked me to save her spot while she made an important phone call. When she returned she told me about her dilemma so before we parted ways, I reached into my briefcase and offered her my Strength through Weakness book which she gratefully received.

My flight was cancelled so I had US Air rebook me on United. I had to go standby and my flight was leaving in a few minutes. As I raced to my gate, I was delayed in security by a young man of Asian descent. He was fascinated when he inspected my briefcase and saw my Bible and a quart of carrot juice. He kept me talking for several minutes. I got to my gate just seconds after they closed the doors.

As I sat in the airport reading while waiting on the next flight, I glanced up and saw a man I had met in the check-in line. We briefly talked as he told me he was back in Cleveland to visit his father who was having health problems. When I saw him again, I grabbed another of my Strength Through Weakness books and said, "I just missed my flight, which made it possible for me to see you again. I think this book is meant for you." He graciously received it.


My flight was delayed, so I arrived in Chicago too late to get a ride from the airport to Wheaton College on the free bus provided by the Christian and Missionary Alliance. Because US Air initially cancelled my flight, they agreed to pay for a taxi since I missed the bus. The taxi driver was Palestinian. Before we parted at Wheaton College, I gave him a tip and my book, Reaching Your Maximum Potential in Christ, which he graciously accepted.


A few days later I was flying from Pittsburgh to San Diego. I almost missed my flight from Pittsburgh because of road construction. With less than half an hour before take-off, I knew I would not make it if I went to the end of the extremely long security line. So, I walked near the front of the line and asked a young woman if I could get in line. She was happy to let me do so. She asked what I did and when I told her she said she was a Christian and that her friend goes on mission trips. In appreciation for her kindness, I gave her my Spiritual Warfare and Overcoming Giants books –– both of which she was elated to receive because she needed something to read on her flight.


During my flight I read a powerful testimony of a Muslim who came to Christ. I ripped it out of the magazine (Charisma) I was reading in hopes of giving it to a Muslim. While walking through the Minneapolis airport to catch the final leg of my trip to San Diego, I walked up to a young man and asked, "Are you a Muslim?" Looking bewildered, he responded, "Yes." I said as I handed him the article, "I just read a fascinating article about a Muslim that I think you would enjoy." He took the article, looked it over, and then thanked me for giving it to him.

San Diego

I got bumped to a later flight from Minneapolis to San Diego and received a free airline ticket for being delayed for a few hours. It gave me a chance to do some more work on my upcoming book, Overcoming Sexual Immorality. A woman with a Middle Eastern accent was going standby to San Diego, but was unable to get on any flights. She was from Iraq and was trying to explain in broken English to the agent at the gate that she had to get to her sister's in San Diego. I helped her communicate to the agent and then told her I would pray she got on the flight, which she did. I saw her with her sister at the San Diego Airport. I gave her my Who Is This Jesus? book, and she was very happy to receive it.

Take Advantage

These are just a few of countless witness encounters I have had in airports and on airplanes. Usually I ask questions and listen to their story first. Sometimes I give verbal witness and sometimes it is a book or pamphlet. Other times it is both. Almost always the people are eager to talk and receive a book or pamphlet. It is awesome to see how God's Spirit weaves a powerful witness through our conversation.

My prayer is that you be sensitive to take advantage of any witness opportunity and have the courage and boldness to testify of your faith. You never know what that person may be facing or how God's Spirit may have prepared their heart for just such an encounter and use your witness to draw them to the Lord.