While volunteering as a chaplain for the American Red Cross during the California Wildfires of 2003, Bill stopped at Sharp Cabrillo Hospital to visit Todd Renzema. (Todd's amazing story was shared in a previous newsletter article entitled, Miracle On a California Highway. He and his wife Lynn are good friends and faithful supporters of the ministry.)

On the way to visit Todd, Bill and his wife Karen met Corky, a woman who seemed distraught. She informed Bill and Karen that her friend was dying of cancer. Bill asked Corky if she wanted a chaplain to come drop by her friend's room. Her response of, "No, it is just a life process," gave the impression of a New Age background.

Less than a week later, Bill went by himself to visit Todd. While exiting the elevator on the eighth floor, there stood Corky. She informed Bill that her friend passed away the night before. After a brief conversation Bill reached into his back pocket and pulled out the only copy he had of the Faith Through the Fire booklet as he said, "This is meant for you." She graciously received it and thanked him twice.

The Lord's timing is always perfect. We trust He used that small booklet which "just happened" to be in Bill's pocket to bring her to Jesus.

Sometimes we plant a seed and someone else waters. Other times we plant the seed and later have an opportunity to water it. But God is the One who brings the increase. Only He can open someone's spiritual eyes and draw them to Him, but it is our responsibility to be a witness for Him in every situation and in any way we can.