Dying Jewish Sister

An elderly Jewish woman, who had accepted Yeshua as her Messiah, heard my radio broadcast. She called the ministry because she was concerned about her dying sister who had not yet accepted Jesus as her Savior. She wanted me to go to the hospital and share the Gospel with her. Due to a hectic ministry schedule, I was unable to visit her at the time so I sent other staff members and a pastor to visit her. She had not yet given her life to Jesus Christ so her concerned sister called me once again. I felt an urgency to visit this woman, so I went to the hospital.

Upon entering the room, I found both women there. I went over to the bed of the dying woman who was unable to speak and showed no signs of having any physical movement. The believing sister felt that it was too late to reach her with the Gospel, but I assured her that God's Spirit could speak to her mind and heart even now. I leaned down and began to speak softly in her left ear why I believed Yeshua was the Jewish Messiah. I shared with her aspects of Isaiah 53 and Psalm 22 about the Messiah as the Suffering Servant. I also shared how she could come to know and accept Yeshua as her Messiah. I told her that she might wonder if Yeshua could still forgive her since she had never accepted Him all her life. I then began to share with her about the thief on the cross who was dying beside Yeshua and how He responded to the thief by saying, "Today you will be with Me in paradise." I assured her that if she accepted Yeshua even now, she too would be forgiven and be with Him in paradise.

I prayed with her, telling her to repeat my prayer in her mind and heart. When I finished praying, I told her that if she had accepted Yeshua as her Messiah to give some kind of indication. Immediately, this lady who had been completely unresponsive without any movement whatsoever, began to blink her eyes. I went over to tell her sister that I was convinced that her dying sister had given her life to Yeshua. By the time we both looked back at her, she was gone. I called for the nurse, who affirmed that she had just passed away. The presence of the Lord was in that room, and the believing sister who had been praying for several years for her sister's salvation, was now at peace, knowing she was with their Jewish Messiah.