Jeff Tobin

Jeff was program manager at a local radio station which aired my weekly broadcast. I would usually go to the station late at night on Friday or Saturday to record my broadcasts for Sunday morning. Jeff was often there working late. Through my time at the station, we became friends.

Occasionally our conversation would include spiritual issues and my faith in Christ. Jeff was intrigued but indicated he was an agnostic because he couldn't believe in a God he could not see and analyze.

Over the course of a year or so, we discussed every intellectual question he had concerning the evidence for God's existence and his need to give his live to Jesus Christ. But he still declined to do so. One evening I gave him a cassette containing Josh McDowell's testimony.

Shortly thereafter on the fourth of July when Jeff and his wife Laura and friends David and Debbie Hamilton were returning to their camping site, they were listening to that tape in the car. When Jeff heard Josh state that it was not an intellectual issue or lack of evidence that had kept him from giving his life to Jesus Christ but pride, he realized that it was the same with him. Later that night while sitting at a picnic table with David Hamilton, Jeff surrendered his life to Jesus Christ.

Jeff grew in his faith and was a great friend to Dave and Bill. For many years Jeff was the voice of the Bill Rudge Ministries by doing all the intros and outros for the ministry's radio broadcasts and numerous cassettes.

Jeff continues to serve the Lord faithfully. He and his lovely wife Laura now live in Indiana, Pennsylvania and have two grown children.