Muslim in San Diego

While ministering in San Diego one year, I shared with a Muslim taxi driver from Iraq my faith in Jesus Christ. He replied, "Us Muslims and you Christians are the same except for two things. You believe Jesus was God –– we know he was only a prophet. And you Christians love the Jews, whom we hate."

He listened for a few minutes as I shared a few of the miracles Jesus Christ did in my life and told him about several Muslims who committed their lives to Jesus Christ after having a dream or vision. He replied, "It was all delusional and merely imagination." I responded, "Like the Apostle Paul after his Damascus Road experience, these former Muslims have given their lives to Jesus Christ in spite of persecution and facing possible death.

Even after I paid and tipped him, he stayed several more minutes to listen as I shared how only Jesus fulfilled the messianic prophecies. Time ran out when he received a call to pick up another passenger. I didn't get the chance to ask him the following questions, "Have you ever really examined the evidence for your faith or the claims of Jesus Christ? Is it not true that you are a Muslim because you are forced to be? And why the intense hatred for Israel? How can this strong of a hostility come from God?"

We parted peacefully –– hopefully with some words that touched his heart and some comments that will make him ponder our conversation. I pray that one day this man, whose eyes reflected pain and sorrow and whose life seemed empty and meaningless, comes to know the Only One who can give him hope, peace, and joy. Perhaps our brief encounter that evening in San Diego will have eternal significance. I pray that it does. Wouldn't that be wonderful?