Street Ministry Encounters

  • While doing street ministry in the San Diego area, Bill Rudge met a man named Tom who appeared to be about 60 years old. He had been living on the street and during their ensuing discussion, Bill gave him some pamphlets, a blanket and a mat to sleep on. Later, he wrote to the ministry to say thanks and requested more literature.
  • On another occasion, Bill took a pastor from North Carolina and a man from California with him. Bill felt led by the Lord to talk to a young man sitting on the grass. While conversing, they noticed that the man's hands were badly cut and needing medical attention. They purchased bandages and disinfectant and ministered to the man's physical wounds, while beginning to talk to him about spiritual matters. He was extremely receptive and prayed one of the most sincere prayers ever heard, committing his life to Jesus Christ. After referring him to a Christian agency for further help, Bill asked why he was so open to the Gospel. He replied that he had been very concerned about the condition of his hands and had prayed that morning, requesting that God send someone to help him. He became acutely aware that God not only answered his prayers, but loved and cared for him through believers who were not only in the right place at the right time, but sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit.
  • While doing street ministry in Ocean Beach, California, a very receptive young man was encountered. As usual, Bill engaged him in conversation about the Lord. As they talked, he discovered that the man was from Sharon, Pennsylvania, also Bill's hometown! Isn't it amazing that the Lord sent Bill across the country to reach someone from his own home city?

Please pray for these three men and the many other street people Bill ministers to during his travels.